Thursday Photo – The Spaces In Between



I’ve always loved how things stick together. When I’m near a brick wall I more often than not run my finger along the cement holding everything in place.

This photo is from a castle in England, where I visited in 2011 that had been standing for over 300 years. It’s been stuck together a long time and it’s fascinating to me.12

Thursday Photo –



I realize this art isn’t mine, but the photo is.

As a nervous person who deals with anxiety, it seems to me that not to worry is to be dead. There’s my deep, meaningful interpretation of this pretty bad ass piece of art I found on a wall. Take that for what it’s worth.

Banksy in the Wild



I was in London in 2011 and saw this piece of street art, all five inches or so of it, in the middle of an ally during a tour. My tour guide swore up and down it was a Banksy and for my own personal edification I have no reason not to believe him. Either way, pretty cool.

With a friend of mine currently in London and my editor and I geeking out about Banksy’s “Dismal Land” recently, it seemed like a good photo to post.