Pack Available for Pre-Order


I’ve been editing all week so my brain is so much mush right now but I wanted to stop for a second and talk a bit about my second book.

First off, the release date is now set for my second novel. On July 3, “Pack” will be released as a trade paperback and I couldn’t be more excited for it.

Click here to pre-order. 

My elevator pitch for the book isn’t terribly strong (it’s about a family that’s falling apart. And they happen to be from a long line of werewolves), so if you’re on the fence, here’s what was in my head while I was writing it. I wanted to write something with a lot of colorful characters. I wanted to write something that spoke to family and how hard it can be. I wanted to write something where werewolves ripped bad guys apart. I wanted write something fantastical grounded in my home state.

I think I got there. Like a lot of projects, when I was done with it I felt kind of blah about it but the more I go back and make changes (shoutout to my editor Alexandra Hess) the more I’m not just proud of it, I really like it. I think it’s a solid story that sneaks up on you and if you relate to the characters at all, this book is going to get you.

Of course I don’t want to write anything straight forward so I also peppered the book with a history of the fictional Nebraska town where the story is set. I’m told that’s kind of a neat. I hope so.

Last thing – pre-orders are weighted heavily when it comes to publishing, so if you are interested in this book, pre-ordering it is a big help. I appreciate each and every person who reads my work and thank you for the support. If you read it and like it (or don’t), let me know. I love talking about it.




The Atomic Weight of Cheese


Find The Atomic Weight of Cheese Here

“My friends and I started a podcast” might be the “Come listen to my band” of the mid 2010s because it’s a way to hang out with friends and produce something creative (that you then beg your friends and family to listen to). That being said, my friends and I started a podcast and I want to give you a quick pitch why you should listen.

“The Atomic Weight of Cheese,” features myself, Chad Plambeck and Steph Romanski talking about “cult cinema,” a catch-all term that covers B movies, genre flicks and the like. Every other week we pick a topic, usually thrown at us by real life, and tie it back into cult cinema because, as I say every time we record, “cult cinema is real life and real life is, frequently, cult cinema.

A quick word on my cohosts. Chad Plambeck, proprietor of microbrewedreveiws.com, has introduced me to a wide width and breath of cult cinema in our 15 or so years of friendship. He’s a great writer, a voracious film fan, a gifted storyteller and one of the nicest men on the planet. He’s the guy who’s got the knowledge and knows how to swing it. Steph Romanski, one of my favorite people, runs in slightly different cultural circles and brings to the conversation a ton of perspective on video games, fan culture, 80s culture and some of the weirder corners of the Internet. She’s also a tech person extraordinaire and is the only reason the show is working at all. You can find her at stephromanski.com. Then there’s me.

So far we’ve covered dental trauma, Star Wars (you know, the most popular thing on the planet), the death of the video store and we have big plans coming down the pipe. This week’s show is about B-Fest (pictured above), a 24-hour B-movie festival in Illinois that I’ve been going to for over a decade. It’s cult cinema expertise wrapped in best friend booberry, a bit of perspective with a whole lotta fart jokes and the breeziest, easiest 45 minutes to an hour in your podcast feed. I love doing the show and hope you enjoy it too.

You can follow The Atomic Weight of Cheese on iTunes and other podcatchers, on Twitter @awocpodcast, on Facebook at The Atomic Weight of Cheese, on Tumblr and a few other joints. We’d love reviews and all that but, in all honesty, we love doing the show and love sharing it. If you’re a podcast person, please let us know what you think.


Monsterama 2017 or Why I Drive 2,200 miles to Watch Monster Movies


I’ve done this four times and every time I do there’s a moment on the way there where I think to myself “why do I do this? Why do I drive over 1,000 miles and spend money I don’t have to go from Nebraska to Pennsylvania just to watch “The Horror of Party Beach” for the fourth time?” Then I find myself in the Riverside Drive In, spinning around like Julie Andrews in The Sounds of Music and I remember, oh yeah. THAT’S why I come here.

Because it’s worth it.

I am a fan of monster movies. I am friends with people who meet me at special monster movie events. And there is no better place that I’ve found in the entire country than to watch a monster movie at the Riverside Drive In in Vandergrift Pennsylvania.

Twice a year the Riverside Drive In (which is actually very near the banks of a river, believe it or not) hosts all night monster movie festivals. The one in the spring, known as April Ghoul’s Day, I’ve been to once as they tend to show 70s and 80s exploitation and horror movies and it gets cold as balls once the sun goes down. For scheduling and not freezing to death reasons I prefer Monsterama in September, where the flicks are in black and white, the temperature only dips into the 40s and my friends from across the country gather.

I’m not going to go over the movies one by one (someone remake The Tingler, skip Atomic Age Vampire) but I will throw a few random things I love about Monsterama at you:

-The snack bar decorates for the occasion complete with Frankenstein’s monster, spider webs and more
-The food is kitchen quality and the staff works their butts off
-The occasional horror “celebrity” like Tom Savini and Doug Bradley show up. No one this trip, but still cool
-They play amazing vintage “come to the snack bar” interludes between movies
-They start with the national anthem that includes an animation of the space program as part of what makes America exceptional
-When the fog rolls in early in the morning the image “ghosts” and you can see it on the fog. It’s hard to explain but absolutely mesmerizing to look at
-Some of my friends make the most amazing, out of left field comments. It’s a classic “you had to be there” thing but it’s part of makes my life worth living.
-The drive in is situated in this incredible natural bowl. To sneak in you’d need repelling equipment and the consequence of the layout is the audio echoes in a truly spooky, awesome way.
-They sell Coke made with sugar in glass bottles out of a vending machine. You actually have to pop the top on the machine or go thirsty.
-Monster movie fans are a uniqe breed. The stereotype is they are deeply introverted, always-on-the-internet sorts who might lack social graces. I’ve met people like that. I’ve also met serious professionals, extremely generous folks and wonderful salt of the earth types who have nothing in common but the love of rubber monsters and bad dubbing. These are my people and I love them.

Yeah, it’s a long trip. Yeah, it’s a lot of gas and I don’t take care of myself very well over the 4 days I go and it’s rough on my family and I don’t get any writing done. But it’s a great trip and if you’re anywhere near the Riverside Drive In, it’s well worth your business.